How to install a program from Arch User Repository or AUR 1394/04/09

If you prefer to manually install packages from AUR instead of using tools like "yaourt" here you go. First we need to find the package in Then in package AUR page find the "Download tarball" link and right click on it and select "Copy link address". now open up a terminal and download the the tarball using wget.

$ wget{package-name}.tar.gz

Uncompress the tarball. and go to the newly created folder.

$ tar -xvzf  {package-name}.tar.gz
$ cd {package-name}

Compile the package using this command (not as root):

$ makepkg -s

And finally let's install the built package.

$ sudo pacman -U *xz

Almost 99% of the times everything should be fine. If you've got any errors you may want to start looking for clues by inspecting "PKGBUILD" file.


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